Duration and any kind of digital experience is often presumed to be a bad thing however in my experience the duration is one of the key factors. That is because my experience forces the user to practice it in order to get good at it. This is largely due to the main fact that the first time that they experience the game they are never going to pick it up straight away and this is a good thing. This is classed as a good thing because the player has to practice which is time consuming and keeps the player in the experience for so long that they eventually without realising it become immersed in the game. Prensky(2007) “ People don’t like to practice. Games capture their attention and make it happen.” I have used duration in my experience effectively because it is around 3:30 minutes however there are obstacles that they must face even at around 15 seconds in that will most likely result in them restarting because they are not expecting the object to be there. The blueprints below show the blueprints for spikes to lift through the floor without the player realising straight away resulting in a restart.


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