The value and significance of my interactive experience is the achievement that the user gains from playing. It is significant because it drives and motivates the user to get to the end of the experience because they will base the value and significance of their personal experience on whether or not they were able to play the game successfully. Weiner (1985) “a theory of motivation and emotion in which causal ascriptions play a key role.” In this quote Weiner suggests that motivation influences emotions and achievements affect motivation. So in terms of Weiner’s suggestions motivation, emotion and achievement is all linked in one continuous circle. This can be best described as a emotional domino effect because achievement encourages motivation which in turn activates certain emotions related to progress and positivity. Muller and Fritz(2015) “developers experience a broad range of positive and negative emotions during change tasks that are similar to the ones experienced in other situations and that these emotions are highly correlated with progress”. This is another example of emotions linking to progress and achievement. One example of negative emotions with progress is in my experience when the player dies they get a message on screen that says “RESPAWNING”.



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