Professional Practice: Production and Development: Team Project


 These are the two final production pieces of our project, the first video showcasing the interactive video allowing users to experience a virtual trip through well known spots across Hull. The second video is a promotional video for an interactive application in which users can use an application that not only informs them about different areas in hull through voice overs, videos and text but also allows them to navigate Hull showing spots not previously shown on other maps. In this evaluation I will talk about the relevance, effectiveness and design of our final projects. In my opinion our products are very relevant, especially when the target audience is taken into consideration. Tourists and Foreign Students are the two demographics I believe the app is most relevant for, this is because other maps can be very confusing and not give enough information especially if you are not familiar with the area. It is relevant because especially after Hull year of being the city of culture we are expected to draw in more tourists every year and even catch the eye of more students wanting to study at the university. Whilst there are other map applications that are also arguably relevant, in my opinion these apps fail to cater to the needs of foreign visitors looking for as much information as possible. Looking at the final project, I believe that the effectiveness and design work hand in hand together, each improving the other. This is because both products were designed to be as effective as possible. Even the way both projects are delivered were done so due to how effective the platform is. The interactive video can be interacted with through almost any device with an internet connection making it very accessible. The app promotional video is also on the same platform making the accessibility a helping hand in the role of how effective the app promotional video is. Although the design of the interactive video is not the initial design that we had planned out thanks to our teamwork and effective communication we were able to redesign our initial concept and still include videos of locations that should have been impossible. Another aspect of the design I felt worked very well was the colour scheme, purple and yellow. Not only did this suggest a link between the city of Hull and Royalty but it also links to the city of culture award the city received. Also because of the contrast of these colours it was also very effective at making certain aspects of the design stand out, not only making the application look appealing but also making the usability and learning curve of the app very easy. Which is perfect for the target audience because in order to make the app appealing to them it has to be very easy to navigate and quick to pick up.