Friedl (2002) “Interactivity is one of the key elements that truly distinguishes a game. Designing effective,  Interactivity, however, can be a challenge for even the most experienced game developer.” This quote suggests that Friedl is implying that Interactivity is one of the most important features of a game or experience. In my opinion this is because it keeps the player interested for longer. However Friedl also states that it is very hard to create good interactivity in a game and this is true as in my game the section of blueprint to control the Spacecraft is very large and time consuming as you can see in the screenshot below. Lenhart* (2008) “Video games provide a diverse set of experiences and related activities and are part of the lives of almost all teens”. This enforces how important interactivity is in the experience and keeping the audience engaged because there is such a large audience and range of people that this project is aimed at.


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