The Access Panel Company

This page shows some of my most recent work whilst in my current role as Digital Marketing Assistant at the Access Panel Company.

Social Media Management

Email Marketing

Email marketing was something I had very little experience in. However after studying the ins and outs of email design and techniques I was able to rapidly improve the companies email opening rate. This was my first major success in my role. Below you can see the changes I made from the companies old style of emails to the current style they now use. The emails have been converted into PDF versions therefore they may not look exactly like they do in correct email form.

Technical Documents

Below is an example of a Product Data Sheet that I re-designed as my first task at the company under strict supervision of the owner (no pressure).

After creating 30 variants of the Data Sheet shown above. I created a technical brochure to showcase a new and upcoming product. Temporary Riser Doors

Fitting Video

This is a filming video I filmed and edited under extreme time pressure using my phone’s camera, a makeshift studio and 1 day editing time. This was a hard and fast paced project but I got it done.