Side Projects

King Killer Cook Logo

This is one of the most recent projects that I have taken on. An avid Twitch streamer asked me to create a logo for their channel. The only brief given was that it must relate to the name King Killer Cook and have a e-sports logo theme. This particular project took me three days to complete and you can see the progress from each day in the gallery. I created it using two different types of software that he knows very well. Photoshop and Illustrator. The way in which I usually work is quite unorthodox but it works for me. I first create a rough design in Photoshop then once I am happy with it I perfect it in Illustrator.

Megan Jackson Event Poster

This is a particular project that kick started the rest of my projects. This is a poster for a musical event hosted by one of my friends. I had complete free reign over the design with the client only asking that it looked ‘indie’. Not only was this the first ever design I created for someone other than myself but it was also the first time I saw my work out in public. For a short time this poster was hung up at various hot spots all over Hull. This is what gave me a passion for advertisement design, being able to see my work drawing people in exactly the way the client wanted. I attended the event and was told numerous times that the only way people had heard about the event was through my poster.