Recent Work



This is one of the most recent projects that Adam has taken on. An avid Twitch streamer asked him to create a logo for their channel. The only brief given was that it must relate to the name King Killer Cook and have a e-sports logo theme. This particular project took Adam three days to complete and you can see the progress from each day in the gallery. He created it using two different types of software that he knows very well. Photoshop and Illustrator. The way in which Adam usually works is quite unorthodox but it works for him. He first creates a rough design in Photoshop then once he is happy with it he perfects it in Illustrator.

Level Diagram for Lil Red Rapping Hood

This project is an adaptation of the Little Red Riding Hood. It is an interactive twist on the popular classic. This has been created to allow the reader to pick their own path through this modern version of the fairy-tale. This was created using Adobe XD and Adobe After Effects. These are two examples of software that Adam has gained experience in during his time at the University of Hull. This is due to the fact that although Adobe XD may be able to handle small animations for anything slightly more complex after effects had to be used as XD does not support them. 

The project that Adam has decided to work on is a prototype application that will help improve an amateur Pool player’s performance through the use of an integrated AR system designed to help with aiming and techniques. AR is not to be confused with VR, AR stands for augmented reality whereas VR stands for virtual reality. VR involves the user fully immersing themselves in a digital environment in which everything is digital and no aspects of real life are included. AR however is what his application will use. This is adding virtual assets to the real world usually through a camera screen which is how his application will work.

Past Projects




This is a particular project that kick started the rest of Adam’s career. This is a poster for a musical event hosted by one of Adam’s friends. He had complete free reign over the design with the client only asking that it looked ‘indie’. Not only was this the first ever design he created for someone other than himself but it was also the first time he saw his work out in public. For a short time this poster was hung up at various hot spots all over Hull. This is what gave Adam a passion for advertisement design, being able to see his work drawing people in exactly the way the client wanted. Adam attended the event and was told numerous times that the only way people had heard about the event was through his poster.


This piece that Adam decided to create is a TV commercial in the realistic marketing genre, he created an advertisement for a product that he has fabricated myself. The product that he based this project on is named Christmas in a Can. This is all the major components of a traditional Christmas dinner packed down into one small can to serve one person. He chose the realistic marketing genre route as he is interested in marketing and advertisements and how certain aspects of a commercial can draw viewers and potential customers in.

University of Hull Landing Page Ideas

The images above are from Adam’s second year at the University of Hull. He was tasked with creating interactive landing page designs for three different seasons. He used his wide range of Adobe Photoshop knowledge to complete this task. In fact he liked the spring page so much he may have just used it as his own desktop background. Each page had to have a useful feature that would help fellow students. The Spring landing page had a break page, allowing students to have a break after a certain amount of time working in order to keep them mentally sane. The winter page had a study are finder that would show students their ideal place to study within a close proximity. Finally the autumn landing page reminded to save their work every 20 minutes in order to help and scare them at the same time. What an evil genius.

About Adam

Adam Maughan is a Digital Designer in his third year studying Digital Design at the University of Hull. Graphic Design has been an area he has always studied with great interest, the particular area Adam specialises in is Advertising. He is fascinated by the theory that certain colours, shapes and placements etc. can impact a complete stranger’s decision. In other words he wanted to be a mind controller but this was the next best thing. As well as being a student Adam also has a part time job at McDonalds were he learned skills such as effective communication, teamwork and leadership. Adam has had a job since he was 13 which speaks volumes for his work ethic and his people skills. This is because every job Adam has had involved developing people skills to get better at the job.

Adam’s first job from 2013-2015

Adam’s very underpaid second job, 2015-2016

The company Adam blames for gaining weight, 2016-present

Possibly in some Universe…

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