Professional Practice

Class Work

Five Things I’m Good at

  1. Advertisement Design

2. Perfecting Small Details

3. Collecting Relevant Resources

4. Using Adobe Photoshop

5. Re-branding Small Companies



Some aspects of my overall theme for my interactive experience would include Sci-Fi, Aliens, and Fiction. This is an explanation as to why a lot of my assets and materials were out of the ordinary to match this theme and matching the overall branding of the entire experience. The background and inspiration behind the idea was actually from Doctor Who(2019) because in the program the main character steals an Alien Spacecraft and has to escape with it. Although that was the inspiration behind the storyline the inspiration for the game style is completely different. I chose a well known game and game style to get ideas from as this would help the users experience of the game because there would be little to no learning curve. The game style I based this on was Temple Run(2019). Fabrik(2018) “the more your identity changes, the more confused your customers will become.” this statement is not only true for brands but also for my experience because if i changed the style and theme halfway through then users would become confused and most likely end up quitting the experience all together. Which is why consistency was very important in this project.


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