According to Nathan Shedroff (2010) “every sensorial decision is a trigger”. Therefore every decision or emotion connected to the senses is a trigger according to Shedroff. Furthermore this links to the senses that are triggered in my experience which would consist mainly of sight and sound. This brief blog post will cover the triggers explored in my experience. Ekan (2008), “The importance of sound for establishing mood in audiovisual media is well recognised.” This suggests that triggers, which are according to Shedroff related to senses, are also neurologically linked to moods and emotions. This suggests that the sound imported into my experience not only can be described by Shedroff as a trigger but also an emotional trigger not only affecting the player’s decision making in the game but also affecting the emotional state of that player. Another sensorial trigger trigger included in my game is sight and I have manipulated this through the use of lighting. V Laganier (2012) “Light triggers ambiances in different ways and has a profound impact on the way people perceive and experience their environment.” This is the explanation behind the dark ambient lighting I have included in my game to create a suspenseful environment and atmosphere.



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