This post will evaluate the effect on intensity on people and how it is combined with my interactive experience. Boone (2001), “Changing intensity of competition changes the identity of the innovator and consequently the way the innovation is valued.” In this particular extract Boone implies that adding the factor of intensity to any situation will encourage the person in question to perform slightly better than if there was no intensity at all. Bullinger D, Biggerstaff K, Rogers R, Nichols D, And Ben-ezra V (2014) “Competition can increase an athlete’s performance. The competitive drive frequently displayed by athletes may not exist if athletes are unaware of the competition.” This explains intensity is also a large motivation for professional athletes to push harder and perform better as they want to beat the competition. This enforces the reasons behind me implementing intensity into my experience. Intensity was placed through the use of flashing lights and sirens manipulating a police car. Therefore you could argue that the intensity in my experience was that of fear and not competition whilst on the other hand some may say that there is a competition between the police car and the average person inside of the experience.


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