Selecting an Idea

In the next session we had we decided to choose an idea to work on to turn into our final piece. However because the group was split on which idea we should work on we had to come up with a system to fairly decide which would be the best idea to continue with. I decided to make a list of pros and cons of each idea so we could evenly weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of each project. We decided that the one with the least detrimental disadvantages and the best advantages would win and that is the idea we would go forward with. After creating a long list of pros and cons for each idea we decided that the best idea would be the interactive screen. Although when the group was discussing this we decided to add another useful asset to the screen which would be games that used physiotherapy without the child realising it. We decided to incorporate this feature after having a very interesting lecture on gamification in which I went home and did some research on. I read a book online known as Gamification by Design written by Gabe Zichermann and Christopher Cunningham.



Gamification by Design written by Gabe Zichermann, Christopher Cunningham 2011

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